Vyrus Story

Vyrus is a craftsman workshop established in 1985 in Romagna, the Italian Motorvalley, where 80% of the motorcycle brands have made the 2-wheeled world history.

The original purpose of the Atelier was customizing of “one-off” special ,Ascanio Rodorigo, the founder, later converted it into a high technolocical homologated motorcycles factory.

The variety of attitudes amongst masters, engineers, technicians, consultants of the Vyrus groud is what made the company ambitious target possible. All professionals are selected according to the nature of each project and they work aiming to each specific purpose, this is a great strategy to keep costs under control and provide the highest standards of knowledge.

In 2003 the first homologated bike was delivered in Switzerland, since then 4 different models have been created and homologated in 27 different countries worldwide. The limited series production and the price make the products exclusive which is surely a innovation within the motorbike market