What Say

I love my Vyrus. It is the best motorcycle I’ve ever ridden. I’ve been dealing with Ascanio, the owner of Vyrus, for 5 years. As I’m sure you know.

I enjoyed the whole experiance of picking up my bike at the factory and riding all around Italy. It can’t be beat. The Vyrus turns heads where ever it goes, so be ready for lots of attention. One of the first events I took mine to was the World Superbike Race at Miller Motorsports in Salt Lake City. It’s a thousand miles, one way. I was in my motel parking lot wiping off road dirt and suddenly I heard a truck slam on its brakes. I looked up, and pulling in was the factory Ducati Superbike team truck. The mechanics all jumped out and started jabbering in Italian. One spoke english and spoke for the others. They were surprised to see a Vyrus in America. They all knew Ascanio and just kept going on & on. The next day, the track had a deal where spectators could ride a lap before the race. As I hit the main straight, I nailed it as hard as it would go. The factory Ducati team jumped on the pit wall and gave a thumbs-up. There’s not many bikes that will get that kind of reaction.

Mine has the 1200cc NCR race motor they put in the Mike Hailwood special edition. I have a NCR New Blue based on the Paul Smart. It has the same engine. NCR & Ascanio were very good to work together. In the end, cost wasn’t the reason for going with the V-twin. I wanted lite weight & simple. Mine has 132HP and 135kg. I also like the low muffler. I put a titanium Termi on mine and it made a big difference. Go for the Vyrus, and you won’t be sorry.

Tom Stephen